About us

Duo Millenia, John Dahlstrand and Elisabeth Chardonnnet

We met at Indiana University many years ago and started playing together, officially forming Duo Millenia and Millenia Music in 1999.

After spending many years in America, we are now based in Nantes, France.

John's compositions and arrangements are featured in our sheet music and videos sections. He is very busy as assistant principal bass (contrebassiste 2nd soliste) in the ONPL (onpl.fr), the orchestra with the largest number of subscribers in Europe, as well as teaching both in Carquefou and Montaigu.

Elisabeth enjoyed being a stay at home mom and musician for a number of years and is looking forward to a fuller musical schedule next season. She loves teaching both piano and harp, as well as performing in front of smaller audiences in order to better interact with them.

We hope you enjoy our website.