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Music for Double Bass & Harp

Composer/Arranger Title/Description Item Number Price in US
Double Bass Music
John Dahlstrand Sonata for Bass and Piano
Allegro moderato, Andante con moto, Allegro furioso 18'
D-3 20.00
Harp Music
John Dahlstrand Convergence
solo for advanced players ~6'
D-8 12.00
John Dahlstrand Five Short Pieces
Prologue, Waltz, Blague, Prière, Epilogue (Passacaille)
recorded on the CD Angélus by Elisabeth Chardonnet
D-7 12.00
John Dahlstrand The River
for pedal or lever harp ~2'
recorded on the CD Angélus by Elisabeth Chardonnet
D-1 7.00
Double Bass and Harp Music
John Dahlstrand Andante for Double Bass and Harp
includes optional solo parts for flute, violin or cello ~5'30
D-2 12.00
John Dahlstrand Dance and Atmosphere
for advanced players ~6'
D-5 14.00
John Dahlstrand Missing E.
for intermediate to advanced players ~4'30
D-4 8.00
John Dahlstrand Trois Berceuses
three lullabies ~6'
D-6 12.00
Handel/Dahlstrand Passacaille
an arrangement of the famous Passacaglia in g minor
H-1 14.00
Ravel/Dahlstrand Pavane pour une Infante Défunte R-2 9.00
Fantaisie pour Violon et Harpe
arranged for double bass in solo tuning
S-1 17.00
Satie/Dahlstrand Trois Gymnopédies
arrangement include both solo and orchestra tuning parts for double bass
S-2 14.00
Cello Music
John Dahlstrand Cello Duet
work in two movements for the intermediate cellist ~8'
D-11 14.00
John Dahlstrand Essay for Solo Cello
award-winning work for advanced players ~9'
D-9 15.00
Violin Music
John Dahlstrand Song for Life
violin duet based on Gregorian Chant, for intermediate players ~6'30
D-10 12.00
Elisabeth Chardonnet Angélus
Featuring the Bach French Suite in C minor, two world premiere recordings of works by John Dahlstrand, as well as over 50 minutes of popular virtuosic works for harp.
CD-1001 10.00
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